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It’s everywhere - Screaming at you from the magazine racks, popping out of the headlines in the lifestyle section of your newspaper and blasting from the daily talk shows and the nightly news at staccato speed. It’s even seeped into the airwaves, waking you up in the morning as it barks out of your clock radio. It’s relationship advice! The “how to’s,” “what to’s,” “who to’s,” and definite “don’t do’s” to keep a relationship alive. It’s enough to make you give up on romance forever and become a complete curmudgeon. Bah-humbug!

But wait! Why not do it with a Spit in the Wind Card® and a little old-fashioned courting? Who doesn’t like to see a colored envelope tucked between the American Express bill and the monthly checking account statement? And what if that envelope contained an invitation to a chicken dinner or a scary movie or a midnight massage? The possibilities are endless. And what if it was from your husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend or even just a regular pal who
doesn’t get on your nerves? And what if you had to respond by checking “yes” or “no” on a card and returning it to the sender? What fun!

It kind of sends you reeling back to fifth grade when Tommy Sullivan or Jenny Mathews wanted you to check “yes” or “no” in response to the simple question: Do you like me?

Check out our Cards That Come Back to You (the ones that REALLY do come back to you) and start the fun. Oprah would surely be proud - Jerry Springer maybe not so much.

Will you take a look at the Cards That Come Back to You?

Check “yes” or “no.”

‚ Yes, I can’t wait to see those Cards That Come Back to You …let me do it right now!
‚ No, I am sorry but I would like to remain a curmudgeon! And don’t ask me again.

If you checked "yes" click here to see the Cards That Come Back to You!


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