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At Spit in the Wind Cards®, we’re happy to customize a card for you! We know that you may be particularly fond of the word “yak” or really love chickens and want one of those on your holiday card.

Or maybe your Uncle Harry would be quite fetching as a character on a birthday greeting for your sister since she knows the startling sound he makes when he laughs – not quite a snort and not quite a rumble but certainly disconcerting. Or possibly you and your (lovely) wife’s mugs eerily lend themselves to becoming blue and green creatures for an invitation to your Halloween Bash.

Here's a sample custom card we recently created:

This card was for one of our satisfied customers in California who moved into a new home the week before Christmas. He wanted a "Change of Address/I've Moved" Card that could also be his holiday card for this year. We drew this image from a digital photo he emailed us of his new home and added the holiday decorations. He was delighted with the result and sent the card to 80+ people.

Oh, go on! Dave and I became cows for one of our Christmas cards and we still have friends.

We’re delighted to oblige, or at least discuss, any idea that you have! Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll see what we can do – of course, it’ll cost you. (Oh, not that much)! And isn’t your wife worth it even with those skinny pencil arms and that green, matted hair?

We can also customize your wedding invitation with a special place, person, or even an animal (your pooch could make an appearance). For our wedding invitation, we captured the church in Minturn, Colorado where the ceremony took place. Contact Us about personalizing your wedding invitation! It will be the talk of the reception… until your best friend dances like it’s her job-a job that entails poles and fishnet stockings - and your brother makes out with the maid of honor.



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