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Imagine this: it’s been a long and treacherous day. You arrive home and absentmindedly grab the mail. You are weary to the bone, ravenously hungry, and downright disgruntled.

There, nestled between the credit card bill and the dreadful ‘resident’ junk mail (how impersonal) is...a ray of hope! A possibility for happy communication! An envelope beckoning to be opened! A CARD!

At Spit In The Wind Cards ®, we envision a world where ‘nice mail’ is a regular occurrence. A world where cards are coming and going and coming again; criss-crossing each other via the postman’s pack. A world where, when you send mail, you get mail back.

It’s a beautiful vision, isn’t it? ‘Brings a tear to our eye for certain.

So send a Spit In The Wind Cards ® today and get one back tomorrow. It’s almost like cheating. But, hey, who cares? Nice mail is nice mail no matter how you get it. We won’t tell anyone.

The owner Siobhan!
Spit In The Wind Cards ® was developed by Siobhan Kellerman Sprecace in a desperate attempt to get mail. This is a picture of Siobhan on her front porch waiting for the mailman. This particular day she received only bills and a grocery store flier.

In an effort to create her own bliss and make her mailman watches a little more productive, Siobhan resorted to sending cards to her friends - special cards that included a response card (a simple check “yes” or “no” worked best) and a self-addressed (to her), stamped envelope. Suddenly, she was getting mail - a lot of mail. And it made her very happy. So Spit In The Wind Cards ® was born.

Spit In The Wind Cards ® were originally designed to come back to you…in the form of a response card. This was a blatant attempt to allow the sender the same pleasure as the receiver – mail! But we soon found that we got just as much joy from creating the cards as getting something back. So we began designing “traditional” cards such as holiday and birthday cards that are simply mailed out, no response necessary. Check out all of our cards by clicking on Sample Cards.


Spit In The Wind Cards ® are produced in the beautiful state of Colorado where Siobhan lives with her husband Dave. Siobhan continues to make cards that only she finds funny. The Mutton card is one of her all-time favorites. It still cracks her up that she got the word “mutton” on a Christmas card. Siobhan is easily amused. Dave is a little more discerning.




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