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We’re delighted that you stopped by. If we could, we’d offer you a glass of tea, a cup of java, or even a fancy cocktail if it’s evening. But since we haven’t figured out how to do that over the internet, we’ll just say, “Welcome.”

At SpitintheWind.com, we love company, conversation, and correspondence -especially correspondence that arrives through the mail. That’s why we’ve dedicated a site to cards that come back to you and other fun stuff.

SpitintheWind Greeting Cards

Click here to see why Spit in the Wind Cards™ now has a line of Baby Room Artwork!

Browse our Cards That Come Back to You – the ones that REALLY do come back to you - or some of our other more traditional (using that word loosely) cards. Check out who we are. Or simply hang out…we don’t care. That’s what Windy and her cat Stella do. They lurk around to see who’s visiting. They don’t really have much else to do but nap. Or spit in the wind. Lucky them!

We want you to feel happy -- like you did when you were flying down the street on your brand new purple bike with cards in the spokes and streamers on the handlebars, and you looked so cool! Really! People still talk about it in the neighborhood.

Or when you gave that presentation at work and everyone broke into a spontaneous standing ovation, and you could hear your co-workers commenting on your utter brilliance and profound insight. And then your boss gave you five extra vacation days and a 25% raise – Oh, OK the last part is pure fantasy. Or, better yet, when you opened your mailbox on that dreary, ordinary Tuesday in January and found A CARD for no reason at all. Except that it was January. And it was cold. And your husband is a fabulous man who stumbled into a card shop and did the only decent thing…he bought one and sent it to you.

We’re also dedicated to bringing you more stuff in the future. So when you return check out our Other Stuff page and see what we’ve added. You just never know! Sometimes when we’re bored we think of really stupid, or shall we say “creative,” things that might be cool on a Web site. Someday we’ll add these.

So stay awhile and come back often and if you love mail the way we do (any kind of mail), send us an email. Granted, it isn’t quite as good as regular US Postal Service correspondence, complete with colored envelopes and pretty stamps, but we’ll take what we can get – even email. We really have no pride.


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